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Vendor Managed Inventory Benefits

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Our Vendor Managed Inventory solutions are designed with you in mind. Our goal is to work together to streamline your manufacturing processes. With our VMI services, together we’ll determine an agreed-upon amount of inventory to be stocked on location and at ISSCO.

We are committed to ensuring our inventories are reflective of our customer’s historical annual usage. We even offer a Consignment VMI option, which means you pay for the product only after it has been used.

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Glimpse Into ISSCO's Warehouse

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A glimpse into our warehouse. 

Since 1974, ISSCO has helped hundreds of companies with their fastener needs. A large portion of our customers have continued trusting and relying on us for 20+ years. Our customers truly depend on us for our reliability, shaped in part by our broad understanding and expertise of the industry. We work with broad industries and niche markets, providing specialized services and quality products. We’re devoted to creating custom solutions in order to dependably provide for our customers.

Sample of Industries We Supply

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive: Tier 2 Supplier
  • Construction: Buildings, Infrastructure & Industrial
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Maintenance Repair & Operations (MRO)
  • Truck Trailer Manufacturing & Repair

ISSCO Celebrates Anniversary

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As we celebrated our company anniversary on April 1st, we are continually reminded of how fortunate we are to work with the best customers. We thank you for your continued business and support over the last 47 years... and counting!

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March 2021 Fill Rate

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ISSCO, INC. remains transparent with our monthly fill rate. In March, we had a fill rate of 96.8%. 

ISSCO Observes Good Friday

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ISSCO, INC. will be closed on Friday, April 2nd in observance of Good Friday. We will open with normal business hours on Monday, April 5th.

Should you need anything before Friday, please reach out to your sales rep or email sales@isscoinc.com.

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Full Threaded Studs

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ISSCO, INC. specializes in supplying useful and popular standard and metric fasteners, including Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Locknuts, Washers, Sockets, Rods and Pins. One recent project our team packaged was some 2-4-1/2 x 18" Full Thread Studs F1554 Grade 55. 

We carry Full Threaded Studs, Single/Double End Studs, and more.

Welcome ISSCO's New Employee

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ISSCO, INC. would like to extend a warm welcome to our new employee, Gordon Whitfill. Gordon joined ISSCO in the warehouse in January 2021, and has continued to impress the team with his motivation and achieving attitude. Jake Davis, ISSCO's President, welcomes Gordon... "I am pleased to welcome Gordon to our ISSCO family!  He has been a welcome addition to our warehouse and he brings a great work ethic each and every day.  Gordon understands the level of service needed to meet our customer’s expectations and I am positive our customer base will be the benefactor of his consistent hard work.”

Please take a moment and wish him well!

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Once a Team, Always a Team


Once a team, always a team! We wish you well on your new adventure, Eric! 

ISSCO Publishes February 2021 Fill Rate

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ISSCO, INC. just published their February 2021 fill rate... 97.6%. This is our continual effort to remain transparent to all of our customers. 

What's VMI?

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VMI is short for Vendor Managed Inventory. 

With ISSCO's Vendor Managed Inventory services, together we’ll determine an agreed-upon amount of inventory to be stocked on location and at ISSCO.  We ensure inventory is reflective of our customer’s historical annual usage. A Consignment VMI option is available, which means you pay for the product only after it has been used.

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Severe Winter Weather Causing Shipping Delays

Severe Weather Causing Shipping Delays

Winter storms, sub-zero temperatures, and power outages are causing delays with shipments across the United States. Our team is diligently working to provide the highest level of customer service to our customers, but have unfortunately seen some shipping disruptions. We appreciate your patience as the weather begins to improve and shipments can safely resume to normal. 

As always, should you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or Jake Davis (jake.davis.isscoinc.com). 

ISSCO, INC. Releases Q1 2021 Newsletter: Distribution Chat

ISSCO Newsletter Q1 2021

ISSCO, INC. launched the first issue of [DIstribution Chat] newsletter of 2021! Click here to download the PDF of the newsletter! 


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10 Minutes with Jake Davis - Fastenerblog.net

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What an honor for ISSCO, INC President, Jake Davis, to have the opportunity to connect with Fastenerblog.net. Check out the full article here: https://fastenerblog.net/author/travelingsalesman/

10 Minutes with Jake Davis – BTM Manufacturing/ISSCO

TS: Let’s take a minute to clear up some confusion I have with your company.  I need to clarify if I am talking to Jake from ISSCO or Jake from BTM.  Tell me about both companies and what they do.

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Fill Rate - January 2021

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ISSCO, INC. has published their fill rate for January 2021... 96.5%. In an effort to remain transparent with our customers, our team publishes the fill rate each month. 

U-Bolts, Rods & Studs Available

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Available U-Bolts, Rods & Studs Include:


We carry popular bolts, including Carriage Bolts, Fully Threaded Tap Bolts, Serrated Flange Screws, Structural Bolts, Machine Bolts and much more.


We carry popular bolts, including Carriage Bolts, Fully Threaded Tap Bolts, Serrated Flange Screws, Structural Bolts, Machine Bolts and much more.

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Let's Go Chiefs! Super Bowl Bound!

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As a Kansas City business owner, it's a great football season for our Chiefs! February is looking great as the Chiefs will be going head-to-head with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV! 

Martin Luther King Jr Day

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“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

It's All About Teamwork

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The ISSCO team is more than co-workers; we're a team and family. 

ISSCO Supplies Transportation Fasteners

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The trucking, OEM, and trailer repair industry rely upon operational equipment. The need for precise specifications is imperative. Not only does ISSCO assist with these rigorous demands, but our full range of services have allowed us to present our customers with an entirely new degree of quality and performance.

With automotive/transportation fasteners being such a specialized hub, ISSCO is evolving to meet the growing demands with innovative fastening solutions. As more people rely on mass transit or large trucks for their jobs, ISSCO is ready to provide you with a unique level of quality manufacturing and distributing services.

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December Fill Rate Announced

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ISSCO, INC. has published their December 2020 fill rate, as well as their 2020 comparison. Throughout the year, our team aimed to continually improve on each month's fill rates.

We maintained a consistency of higher than 92% throughout the entire year, in which many of the months were higher than 96%.

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