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Davis Family – Fastener Minute or Two…

Welcome to our blog. Read more about ISSCO, Inc. and our products and services!

August's Fill Rate

August Fill Rate 2023

As a fastener distributor, ISSCO continues to publish our monthly fill rate to maintain transparency with our customers. In August we closed out at 99.0%. 

May 2023 Fill Rate

May 2023 Fill Rate

ISSCO published our May 2023 fill rate, 99.3%. We continually aim to improve the fill rate each month.


April 2023 - Fill Rate

April 2023 Fill Rate

April 2023's fill rate is 99.7%. Our team is continually pushing to improve our processes each and every day! 

November 2022 Fill Rate

November 2022 Fill Rate

ISSCO just released our November fill rate at 85.2%. As always, we aim to continually improve our fill rate and processes each month.

October's Fill Rate

Fill October 2022

ISSCO just published their October fill rate at 98.1%.  As always, we continually work to improve month after month. 

July's Fill Rate

Screen Shot 2021 08 02 at 12.27.37 PM

Happy August! How is it already the end of summer?! The ISSCO team is focused on continual improvement and remains transparent about our fill rate each month. The July fill rate was 96.7%. 

January's Fill Rate Published

Copy of DecemberFillRate_ISSCO.png

January 2019 was off to a productive start with a fill rate of 97.4%. ISSCO, INC. has been monitoring the fill rate and has announced a 6-month average of 97.3%. The goal of ISSCO as a fastener distributor is to maintain a superior level of customer service while maintaining transparency with our fill rates.