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Where to Purchase Transportation Fasteners

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For those in the transit and hauling industries, like heavy truck and trailer repair or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), fasteners need to be designed to precise specifications. When finding a distributor, companies need to understand that not all distributors offer the same service, options, and solutions. Here's a look at how ISSCO, INC, a Kansas City area based distirbutor has found decades of success within these industries. Not only does ISSCO assist with the rigorous fastener demands, but also our full range of services allows us to present customers with an entirely new degree of quality and performance.

As a leading fastener distributor, we’re able to develop custom fastener solutions for our customers. With automotive/transportation fasteners being such a specialized hub, ISSCO is evolving to meet the growing demands with innovative fastening solutions. As more people rely on mass transit or large trucks for their jobs, ISSCO is ready to provide you with a unique level of quality manufacturing and distributing services.

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ISSCO, INC. Gives Back to Boy Scouts of America's Investment in Character Campaign

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As a family owned and operated business, ISSCO, INC. is committed to giving back to the Kansas City community. Jake Davis, the ISSCO, INC. President, speaks about his motivation and character instilled in him at a young age that motivates him to keep giving back. "Joe and Margaret Davis, my parents, set the precedence when it comes to giving back to the community. I watched from afar many years and now it is my time to lead our organization as we seek to make a different in our community." 

Family Owned and Focused on Teamwork


ISSCO is a family owned and operated company and has been for over 40 years. A focus from over 40 years ago that continues to lead the company is teamwork - and leading by example. The ISSCO President, Jake Davis, literally grew up in the company and is committed to leading the company with a team atmosphere. 

The family-owned business structure not only benefits the work environment for employees, but it is also unmatched in our industry. Our employees average over 20 years of service at ISSCO, and many our customers are returning buyers. It's amazing what can be done when everyone works together to provide the most exceptional customer service and experience to all of our customers. 

ISSCO Leads the Midwest as Distributor


At ISSCO Inc., our main goal is to provide our customers with it all: fastener distribution, manufacturing and packaging operations. This allows us the unique ability of offering a full range of services to our customers. We innovate to continually provide our customers with the best possible experience.  With superior customer service, electronic processes, vendor managed inventory programs, in-house kitting and packaging services, manufacturing and so much more, ISSCO has consistently been a leader in offering effective solutions to the ever-evolving industry. 


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ISSCO Provides Per Print Specials

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ISSCO is committed to providing a variety of specialty fasteners at a competitive price. However, if one of our standard SKUs does not meet your needs, we are experienced and able to work with you on your special requests. We obtain quotes for domestic pricing in 24-48 hours and within 3-5 days for international quotes. Our per print specials are for specialty fasteners in the material and sizing of your choosing.

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Happy PI Day from the ISSCO Crew

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There are so many reasons (more than 3.14159265...)why ISSCO is committed to providing the best
customer service possible,and the #1 reason is seeing our customers succeed! 

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Over 40 years ago, ISSCO made the committment as a company to provide exceptional customer service. We are beyond appreciative to have such amazing clients to team up with! 

Day 8 of #12DaysofISSCO - Generations of Manufacturing


Day 8 of #12DaysofISSCO - Raised in the Manufacturing Industry


Day 4 of #12DaysofISSCO - Outside the Box Solutions


Day 4 of #12DaysofISSCO... are your needs outside the normal specs? Check out ISSCO's Outside the Box solutions. 

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