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10 Minutes with Jake Davis - Fastenerblog.net

Screen Shot 2021 02 08 at 12.52.31 PMWhat an honor for ISSCO, INC President, Jake Davis, to have the opportunity to connect with Fastenerblog.net. Check out the full article here: https://fastenerblog.net/author/travelingsalesman/

10 Minutes with Jake Davis – BTM Manufacturing/ISSCO

TS: Let’s take a minute to clear up some confusion I have with your company.  I need to clarify if I am talking to Jake from ISSCO or Jake from BTM.  Tell me about both companies and what they do.

Jake: Depending on your question, the answer would come from either Jake or possibly both.  Does that help clar up your confusion?  ISSCO is a wholesale fastener distributor servicing accounts throughout Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.  BTM Manufacturing is a domestic manufacturer of threaded and bent wire products, with a focus on per prints items for original equipment manufacturers, industrial suppliers and distribution.

Continue reading: https://fastenerblog.net/author/travelingsalesman/


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