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For those in the transit and hauling industry like heavy truck and trailer repairmen or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), fasteners need to be designed to precise specifications. Not only does ISSCO assist with these rigorous demands, but our full range of services have allowed us to present our customers with an entirely new degree of quality and performance.

As a leading manufacturing and distributing fastener company, we’re able to develop custom fastener solutions for our customers. With automotive/transportation fasteners being such a specialized hub, ISSCO is evolving to meet the growing demands with innovative fastening solutions. As more people rely on mass transit or large trucks for their jobs, ISSCO is ready to provide you with a unique level of quality manufacturing and distributing services.

We are able to stock a full range of products for your transportation needs as an authorized distributor of Alcoa Huck and Stanley Engineered Pop rivets. Our Huck Bolts and Rivets are specifically designed to contribute permanent and painless efforts for your fastener needs. Depend on ISSCO to be your choice fastener supplier and manufacturer for your transportation or hauling needs.

Available Transportation Fasteners Include:


Blind Rivets and Huck Fasteners in popular finishes, such as Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.