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October 2020 Fill Rate

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ISSCO, INC. just released our October fill rate. We are constantly working on improving this and maintaining transparency. 

ISSCO wants to hear from you!

watch for our survey

ISSCO, INC. wants to hear from you! In order to learn, grow, and serve our customers better, we are asking for 3 minutes of your time to complete this survey! As a token of our appreciation, upon completion of the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card!  

Begin the survey here: https://us16.list-manage.com/survey?u=3a0b5a96f79eea19c4f717861&id=c810b2e7b8

Motivational Mondays

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Let's start the week off with a motivational quote... 

Fastener Product Offering

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ISSCO is a skilled and experienced power fasteners distributor based out of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We provide complete bolts and fasteners services, such as supplying, distributing, manufacturing and packaging. We believe these additions make ISSCO, INC. an unparalleled full-service distributor of fastening products and industrial supplies. ISSCO takes pride in our services and products and continues working to strengthen our relationships. Check out ISSCOs products: https://www.isscoinc.com/products/our-products

ISSCO Releases Q4 Newsletter

ISSCO Newsletter Q4 2020

ISSCO just released the Q4 2020 newsletter. Let us know if we can help you in any way! 

September Fill Rate Released

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ISSCO, INC. released their September 2020 fill rate at 93.9%. As each month begins and ends, ISSCO focuses on continual improvement. 

Fastener Fridays

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As we approach the end of Q3, ISSCO continues to focus on our customers and delivering the highest level of customer service. How can our team help you? Let us know! 

We Remember.

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Today marks 19 years. We remember those we lost; families who lost loved ones; and the courageous magnitude of the first responders. Today and always, we remember. 

Fall means cooler temps, vibrant colors, and FOOOOTBALL!

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Fall is right around the corner... who's ready for the cooler temps, vibrant colors, and oh... FOOTBALL!? ISSCO is a proud Kansas City business ready to cheer on those Chiefs! 

ISSCO Releases August Fill Rate

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ISSCO, INC. has just released their August fill rate at 92.1%. In an effort to maintain transparency to our customers, ISSCO continues to monitor our monthly fill rate. 

ISSCO, INC. Closed on Labor Day 9/7

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ISSCO, INC. will be closed on Monday, September 7th in observance of Labor Day. We will open on normal business hours on Tuesday, 9/8. Should you need anything before the holiday weekend, please reach out to us at sales@isscoinc.com or call us at 816-525-8889. 

Sanitizers on the Shelf - Ready to Ship

Hand Surface

There are many options available for sanitizing products, including the following. Ready to place an order for immediate shipping? Email sales@isscoinc.com

  •  Hand and Surface Cleaner with Pump 
    • 12 per box (8oz): : $8/each
    • 16 oz: $14.50/each
  • Hand and Surface Sanitizer 
    • 2 per box
    • 1 gallon: $87.50/each
  • Sanitizer and Surface Cleaner with Sprayer
    • 12 per box
    • 16 oz: $12.50/each
  • Sanitizer and Surface Cleaner 
    • 2 per box 
    • 1 gallon: $82.50/each

Packaging, Kitting, and Labeling Services Available

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ISSCO’s packaging services are intended to keep your orders more manageable through efficient, minimal boxing approaches. As a personalized customer assistance, we strategically package and supply your industrial hardware and other purchased parts in a way that’s customized and tailored to your needs. Our advanced processes not only make it more convenient for you, but allows us to package items at a quicker pace, which accelerates our turnaround time. 

Do you want a quote on your next project? Shoot us an email sales@isscoinc.com

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Welcome Back, Students!

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To all those going back to school this week and over the next few weeks, welcome back! Virtual or in-person, embrace it. As with the economic climate, the school systems are all adjusting and making the best of the situation. To all the students across the US who are starting another year, make the best of it! 

Need to replenish your cleaning supplies?

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ISSCO, INC. now has sanitizing products (cleaners and sanitizers) for hands and surfaces. These products are 99.9% effective solutions, made in the USA, and 70% exceeding CDC recommendations. ISSCO has the following options available for your purchase: 

(12 PER BOX) 8 OZ: $8/EACH
16 OZ: $14.50/EACH

1 GALLON: $87.50/EACH

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No "I" in Team...

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Customer service should be an entire organization. We continue to strive for excellence with our customer service each day.... "we" meaning the entire company! 

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July Fill Rate

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ISSCO, INC. just released their July fill rate at 92.4%. As a family-owned business, we are focused on continual improvement. #Distribution #Distributor #FastenerDistributor #Fasteners #FastenerDistribution #DistributionFillRate

Units Fulfilled Annually at ISSCO

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ISSCO, INC. fulfilled over 92.3 MILLION units from 8/1/19 through 7/31/2020. We are ready to set a new record this year! How can we help you with your fastener needs?


Kitting Services Available at ISSCO

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Our customer-driven kitting services greatly helps you control inventory and even streamline your manufacturing processes. If you find that you’re repeatedly assembling the same array of supplies and paying for each step of the process separately, then ISSCO’s kits can save you a considerable amount of time and headache through our valuable kitting labors. Aside from the time and money you save, it allows for your workers to focus on the services they should be doing!

A few benefits of kitting through ISSCO includes:

  • Streamlined process
  • Can be added to a customer's VMI Program
  • Replace numerous parts with one kit
  • Eliminate the need to work with secondary companies for multiple services
  • More time to focus on your own products and services
  • And so much more!

From Custom VMI Programs to Kitting/Packaging/Labeling Services...

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As a leading fastener distributor, we strive to implement better ways to service our customers. We wish to go beyond just giving you what you want: our goal is to make your inventory management and internal processes as simple as possible. We better our company through client feedback, which in turn betters our processes and services. ISSCO was one of the first in the fastener industry to implement a paperless Supply Chain Management process, and we offer beneficial services such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Kitting, Custom Labeling, Packaging and more.  In addition to our fasteners such as our screws, bolts, and sockets, we also offer many services which are listed below.

Value Added Services:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Capabilities
  • Custom and Consignment VMI Programs
  • Blanket Orders/Stock and Release
  • Electronic Payment, Summary Billing & Consolidated Invoicing
  • Kitting, Packaging, Custom Labeling & Assembly
  • Consignment Inventory Solutions
  • Point-of-Use Delivery
  • Engineering Support
  • In-Plant Storerooms
  • Scan to Order & Barcoding
  • Custom Designed Sales & Usage Reports
  • Customer PN Cross Reference
  • Paperless Recording
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